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You are looking for a fresh oriental fragrance, amber, woody, floral ... a perfume that you loved to wear every day or offer to a loved one to please him, here we have what you need! put yourself at ease and let yourself be seduced by our perfumes, our perfume oils or our musck, there is something for all prices and all tastes.

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MyCospara: a varied range of natural nut or incense fragrances from Dubai perfume category

MyCospara proposes Dubai perfumes quality since 2015. MyCospara offers a wide range of musk perfume composed of elegant products now offering a complete collection of perfumery, bringing together all the pieces a woman must have on her. MyCospara stands out with Dubai Cool, simple and refreshing, combining elegance and chic, for a style recognizable among a thousand. Each of the beautiful fragrances in the collection is made with the utmost care Dubai. MyCospara expands its offering with a range of accessories including natural incense, musk, perfume oil and more!

A Dubai Perfume Shop for You

Not only do we have the experience of selling musk perfumes, but we also have the expertise to match it. Our staff is trained and honed to be the most competent sales advisors in the perfume industry and we can even boast the largest number of perfumery graduates nationally. MyCospara stands out with the beautiful fragrances in its collection that are made with the utmost care in Dubai. MyCospara expands its offering with a range of accessories includingnatural incense, Musk, perfume oil and more!


Our mission is to share our genuine passion for Dubai perfume and offer fans musk perfume and natural incense the most knowledgeable expertise in perfumery.

Enjoy the benefits of our Musk Perfumes

the musk perfume gives off a natural fragrance unlike other perfumes available on the market today. the musk perfume easily covers any odour from sweat or body odour. It contains fewer chemicals than other serial products. Also, when it comes to the body, reducing the chemicals you put into it can never hurt you. That's why MyCospara offers you and advice to use the musk perfumes in particular.

In addition, the musk perfume is also very good for moistening and softening your skin. The musk perfumes so are safe for adult skin, which means you can use a generous amount on your skin without having to worry about side effects. It also smells much better than other fragrances. And above all, its fragrance can last for hours, leaving you with healthy skin and a pleasant smell.