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Diesel perfumes

Diesel is an Italian luxury giant. Italy is known for its tastes of luxury, refinement, style and elegance. It's a country where luxury giants like Diesel rub shoulders.  Diesel is now world famous for its must-have clothing and perfumery brand, all ages and genders. It's a brand that gives trendy and urban looks. Luxury brand Diesel perfumes are popular with men who find him manly and at the same time romantic. The creator of this brand was a dreamy, visionary and passionate child named Renzo Rosso. The mind-blowing history of this brand and its creator has rubbed off on its products whose main characters can be summed up with ideas of audacity, ambition and elegance. Entering the world of perfumery more than ten years ago, here's everything that explains its aura.

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Diesel brand history

The creator of the brand named Renzo Rosso comes from farming parents, born and raised in Veneto.  He is portrayed as an ambitious and hard-working person who helped his parents after graduation and took odd jobs to finance them. It was in 1970 that he began studying textile manufacturing and developed a taste for fashion and clothing. Five years later, he was hired as a production manager at Moltex. Following an amazing success in said company, Renzo wanted to create his own brand but the boss of Moltex offered him a partnership with forty percent of the company and financing the diesel brand new. Inspired by the name Diesel which is considered an alternative hydrocarbon, the brand wanted to be an alternative to everything that has existed since.

Its entry into diesel perfumery

If the jeans are the original product Diesel, the brand has been in perfumery since 2009.  In collaboration with the L'Oréal group, the first perfume produced leaks from the famous Fuel For Life. There is one version for men and another for women. It is a captivating elixir that awakens the senses in a breathtaking sensuality. Then it provides us with Only The Brave, in remembrance of his ambition and commitment.


As soon as she went out, she became one of the of the most famous and coveted species on the planet. A woody fragrance with a lucid and reassuring scent. To celebrate its 10th anniversary Diesel launches Spirit of the Brave in a spirit of galvanization, homage and perspective. For women, Diesel offers Loverdose which is a spirited and arrogant sensual luxury fragrance. It refers to ecstasy and the upliftment of the most deepest sensations of pleasure.

The spirit of Diesel perfumes

Diesel is a bold brand and rebellious at heart. She defies the forbidden and gives an alternative. It displays the assurance and originality which makes it the favorite brand of men. This explains why every time a new range of perfumes appears, the clientele is seduced and disarmed. Like its founder, diesel brand dynamic, innovative and surprising. There is no limit to imagination other than imagination. Fresh fragrances, floral fragrances, are all choices that fill the diesel range who guts the meanderings of nature to find the specific ingredients that make the particularity of his creations.


Our shop has a wide range of choice on Diesel brand perfumes. We have the latest ranges including Sprit of the Brave, Only the Brave, Fuel for Life for Elle, Fuel for Life for Him, Loverdose, LoverdoseTattoo, CofretLoverdose. Male or female, everyone will find their dose at MyCospara.

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