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It's already summer, with its sweltering heat. It's time to change your perfume or adopt a fragrance similar to the one you were currently using, but designed for hot periods. Why not adopt Lattafa perfumes ? These very fresh fragrances make you spend the summer as if it had been spring or autumn.

Lattafa, the perfume with oriental scents


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Lattafa: an oriental scent

True to our motto, we offer our customers a varied range of oriental scent perfume. Lattafa Available in several scents with oriental touches, suitable for both women and men. The brand combines elegance and chic for a lifestyle that never goes unnoticed. She places a point of honor in the selection of the components of each fragrance that composes her collection.

Launched in 2012, the brand perfectly expresses the style of the United Arab Emirates. The Arab world has therefore not hesitated to adopt it. With its diverse scents, the brand was able to conquer the rest of the world very quickly.

Fresh fragrances withquealy touches, Lattafa fragrances are light and refreshing. A must that should accompany you everywhere during this summer. You will certainly make the difference.


What is an oriental fragrance?

The fragrances with oriental scents, are perfumes with notes of essences of Oriental flowers and sweet spices. Designed for warm areas, they are very useful in summer and in good weather. Thanks to their watery composition, they are fresh, light and provide a softness that helps to fight heat by keeping the body temperature below that of the environment. For example, the perfume oud mood of the brand Lattafa, aimed at all sexes, offers notes of saffron, rose and chilli. Patchouli, Oud and Caramel are his heart notes. Incense and musk are part of his background notes. Characteristics that recall the world of the East.

An oriental fragrance has the chic to last longer on the skin. All the diversity of scents in the Lattafa collection, will stick to your skin as an unwavering ally. A deadly weapon of seduction whether you're a man or a woman. Your target will surely succumb to your charm optimized by the perfume oud mood.


Why adopt Lattafa?

Just like all musk fragrances, the fragrances in the collection Lattafa, give off natural scents. What very few perfumes currently on the market manage to provide. In the summer, we sweat a lot. Therefore, a strong body odour is released, which can quickly become a handicap. The Raghba fragrance of the same brand, thanks to its oriental vanilla scent and its components such as musk, sandalwood and incense, allows both man and woman to camouflage his body odors, time to take a good shower.


On the other hand, Lattafa brand makes a point of including fewer chemicals in its fragrances. Its scent recipes are then safe for your skin. All these reasons motivate us to advise you the perfumes of this brand. Were you looking for a musk fragrance without success? Well, it's found: Lattafa Perfumes.

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