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Our fragrances: for exhilarating scents!


You like the Perfume ? Don't have any at home anymore? Thankfully, we offer to sell them directly in our online store. Ready to know more? This is where it happens!


How to choose your perfume?


The choosing a perfume is paramount. Indeed, you really need to think about different criteria before making your final choice. To help you, we've written a list of the different criteria you'll need to consider:

The scents. You have to determine what you like, what you don't like. Indeed, the smell of Perfume is the first item you'll define when you buy.

You also need to understand the structure of the perfume. Indeed, these are elements that will allow you to determine on the perfume bottle whether you have it on hand may or may not match you. Not to mention the fact that it will be a great help if you decide to buy a new perfume, on the Internet.

Always let the perfume evolve. What does that mean? Simply because once you have smelled it on a piece of paper, the smell can change over minutes and hours. It is therefore important to know whether the Perfume you always like it as much when it is worn all day.

It should also be noted that it is important to distinguish between a toilet water and a perfume. If this seems to be two relatively similar elements, it should be noted that they are two distinct products: toilet water are much less concentrated in extract than perfumes.

As you can see, the choosing a perfume requires reflection. Nevertheless, in our shop, we offer different bottles and different brands that should certainly please you!


Oriental smells for your greatest happiness!


Whether it's a perfume for men or women, we offer a wide range of perfume with oriental smells. In addition, with their woody smell, you can find beautiful packaging to accompany your perfume, which is not insignificant.

For women, we can offer ashaar Women or Urbanist, which are two Oriental fragrances that we particularly appreciate.

For men, we will opt for La Yuqawam or Oudh 36. Of course, you will be able to find all our perfumes with floral smells directly in the categories involved.


Western smells: classic but all-rounder!


Do you prefer Western smells? Don't panic, you can also find your happiness among our different perfumes. Once again we offer as many perfumes for women as for men. You have a wide choice.

For women, you can opt for Lolita or Scandal By Night, for example. For men, we can offer you a Hugo Boss or Diesel perfume, for example.


In conclusion, we expect your needs in terms of Perfumes ! All you have to do is make your selection and Find the perfect fragrance !

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