About MyCospara: the oriental note of your perfumes

Perfume occupies a special place in our lives.

Whether you are a woman or a man, the scented touch that you like to add every morning and before any special occasion, evening or even appointment makes us feel good.

Because the fragrance of a perfume differs from skin to skin, perfume is also a product that serves to define us, to represent our personality.

Among the different families of perfumes, we find that of oriental perfumes that allow us to travel olfactoryly in the heart of the Orient.

Oud, the main ingredient in these fragrances, is the main essence.

This dark piece of wood, which is also known for its medicinal properties, is a very rare product and this helps to make the fragrances derived from its essence exceptional.

Smell that reduces stress, anxiety, the woody scent of the Oud fully participates in our well-being.

It is easy to see why the Oud is so coveted, and why it alone contributes to the success of oriental perfumes.

The latter, with strong, sweet and sweet characters are known to please both women and men: nothing hazardous in there when one knows the sensual, warm power of these perfumes.

Due to the rare nature of the Oud, these perfumes, although appreciated, are often considered overpriced and are not always easy to obtain.

To make up for this, Khiyat Cospara decided to launch its shop dedicated to oriental perfumes.

In an attempt to make these fragrances accessible to all, both financially and locally, he launched his online store in 2015: https://mycospara.com/fr/ .

A boutique exclusively dedicated to the sale of oriental-scented perfumes, mycospara allows you to offer perfumes straight from Dubai at affordable prices.

Among the different brands on offer are Rasasi and El Haramain.

Oriental perfume also says the famous musk, much appreciated by the male gent.

Because mycospara has the will to address everyone, the catalogue of products on offer also includes perfumes specially composed for men. 

So don't hesitate to browse our product catalogue, and invite your friends and all those dear to you to discover the woody scents of the Orient.

Click here for an invitation to travel: https://mycospara.com/fr/parfums


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