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Al Haramain: The unmissable perfumery of the Dubï brand

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Al Haramain is a brand that has become synonymous with great perfume. Since their first edition launched in 1970, the Perfumer Al Haramain continued to explore and adapt, creating new trends and tastes for their customers. Kazi Abdul Haque, founder of the very first perfumery of this name Al Haramain in Dubai, has set out through its creations to awaken desires, memories and bring serenity. His heirs have preserved the culture of perfumes, spreading the tradition all over the world.

Al Haramain

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Al Haramain: The director of Arab perfumes par excellence


The sign Al Haramain now has stores in many cities around the world, from Bahrain, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States, via Bangladesh. It offers about a thousand types of perfumes. The ingredients that are an integral part of the manufacture of perfumes and those that you will often encounter at Al Haramain are oudh, amber, musk, jasmine, incense, agar wood and many kinds of roses. Each of them offers a unique personality. Al Haramain presents a complete range of women's and men's fragrances. The suave and captivating notes of these creations will delight lovers of pronounced scents. It's up to you to opt for tangy, floral or musky scents, the brand's wide collection of fragrances Al Haramain gives you the choice.


Al Haramain: Arab perfumery


As a perfumer of Arab origin, Al Haramain has created fully halal formulas, containing a type of alcohol that completely evaporates and leaves only a scent on the skin. The types of Al Haramain perfume can be distinguished into two categories: Oriental fragrances, which offer traditional compositions, in which there are both pure essence and concentrated essence fragrances mixed with many others, and Western fragrances, made with the aim of creating more modern touches. Midnight Sophia and Dazzle are among the bestsellers of customers from all walks of life. Apart from that, the store also offers a large collection of cabinetsAl Haramain perfumes for men and women, supplemented by perfumes and lotions in beautiful gift boxes, as well as a selection of perfumes and cosmetics from prestigious French brands.

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