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al haramain Prism classic perfume water

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  • Top notes: Bergamot, Mirabelle, Peach.

  • Heart notes: Violet leaves, Tuberose, Jasmine.

  • Background notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ambrose, Vanilla.



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Prism classic eau de parfum Al Haramain

Who said that beauty no longer rhymed with good smell? With us, that is the case. Indeed, no matter what your style of dress, one of the first things people will want to know when you are close to them is what the smell is. Often, as a result of separation and failure, a bad smell is something that can harm you for the rest of your life. With us, say goodbye to this and find a smile while releasing a good smell thanks to this Al Haramain Prism classic perfume water.

Prism classic a perfume worthy of modern times

The physical beauty and design put into the design of the bottle of this perfume Prism classic will no doubt leave you perplexed. Already, its lid is simply beautiful. Its shape and the work that has been done there represent the high quality of the product it protects.

this Prism classic bottle stylish for eau de parfum itself is varied in shape like a prism and offers an exceptional visual perspective. Thus, you can use it everywhere without hiding, because it is of a beauty that will arouse the curiosity of each other.

With al Haramain's Prism classic find notes with exceptional olfactory flavour

Nature is the most unrivalled designer in the world. Al Haramain understood it and stood by it to produce you Prism classic notes of an unusual scent. Thus, we can cite as an example of head note of scents like bergamot, mirabelle, fishing.

as soon as heart notes like jasmine, tuberose and violet leaves and finally, background notes. These are made up of elements such as sandalwood, vanilla and even Ambrose and patchouli. All these scents have been mixed to produce a trendy perfume water temporary, semi-temporary and long-term effects. 

Prism classic a perfume accessible to all with its small price

With this world that continues to be hard, it is important to offer customers good quality products, but at prices defying design logic. Therefore, for this reason, perfume Prism classic cheap 100 ml of flavour and olfactory sweetness, you will have to pay a fairly low sum. So go quickly to our website and place your order.


Data sheet

Type de parfum
Notes de tête
Bergamot, Mirabelle, Peach.
Note de cœur
Violet leaf, Tubereuse, Jasmine.
Notes de fond
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ambox, Vanilla.

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