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Aromatic fragrances


There are thousands of raw materials for the manufacture of perfumes. The ingredients can be of plant, animal and synthetic origin. Depending on these different ingredients, the fragrances are categorized into chypres, wooded, ferns and other categories of the olfactory family. The aromatic fragrances belong to the families of hesperids and ferns. With the most pleasant smells, they have specificities that make them very interesting. They are generally intended for men, although unisex aromatic fragrances exist in large numbers.

Aromatic fragrances

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Aromatics in perfumery

Aromatic fragrances combine any flavoured composition made from aromatic herbs. These are usually lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, mint, star anise, chamomile, tarragon and sagebrush. This category of perfume is also called the family of agrests. Many Cologne waters are also designed with aromas making them members of the aromatic family. Lavender, the emblem of aromatic herbs, is most often used as the base of Cologne Waters.

As aromatic fragrances are associated with the families of the hesperids, it inherits the fresh and invigorating notes of the latter. Their fragrances are felt from the first flights. As for fragrance fragrances belonging to the fern family, geranium note, oak moss and coumarin supplements add an extra touch of elegance.


The smells of aromatic fragrances

The aromatic fragrances have several different derivatives. There are perfumes with powerful odors that are usually composed of herbal fragrances associated with ocean odors. It's all about aquatic aromatics which stands out in particular for its freshness. This category is ideal for high-temperature seasons. This perfume derivative is usually designed for modern men in order to bring out their manly side.

Then there are the fresh aromatics formulated with citrus fruits and white flowers. They are distinguished by the lightness of their fragrance with an extra sensual touch.

The aromatic fragrances classified in the family of ferns reflect elegance, freshness and sensuality. They are suitable for women of activities whether in the workplace or sport.

Finally, the aromatic family herbale completes the list. It is characterized by aromatic notes dominant plants.


Aromatic fragrances

The aromatic fragrances differ more precisely by their top note, their heart note and their background note that change from one perfume to another. HUGO ICED by Hugo Boss is a masculine aquatic aromatic fragrance very famous. Launched in 2017, this product reflects the modernity and freedom associated with urban youth. From the cross of aquatic mint and peppermint in top notes, this fragrance exudes a spicy and herbaceous freshness. The aromatic effect is more intense with heart notes made from orange and wild tea associated in the background with vetiver and juniper. The aromatic fragrances Rasasi as the SOTOOR RAA and the QASAMAT EBHAR are unisex fragrances that mostly formulate lemon in top notes.  It is important to note that several Free shipping are available on many aromatic fragrance items offered on the site. 

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