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Calvin Klein brand: the art of loving one another !

Founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, its trading partner, Brand Calvin Klein has since gained a strong experience and reputation in the the scents of a completely different kind. Very famous for its simple style, but so uncluttered, this brand has proven its uniqueness through its very iconic fragrances, endowed with these scents and aromas of a rare exception, and a design that will take your breath away. Men's perfume, women's perfume, Calvin Klein perfumes contain this uniqueness that teaches you love, self-love!

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Calvin Klein

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An evolution like no other

The 1990s marked the true explosion Calvin Klein brand ; two extraordinary fragrances, Eternity And Obsession are put on the market, becoming legends and thus perpetuating the place of the Calvin brand Klein in the pantheon of the perfume world.

The strength of the Calvin Klein fragrances is the diversity of its exotic scents, that tell the fabulous story of the collaboration that is being done with greatest perfumers across the globe. Nothing is left to the chance to offer you the scent, which corresponds to you; a thorough search, far-flung lands explored, particular mixtures...

Calvin Klein fragrances according to your character trait

Power, structure, voluntary character, assurance, characteristics that speak to you; easily adopt Calvin's woody fragrances Klein like the famous one,The Male. This fragrance represents the strength you embody, your side sophisticated and much more. It is highly prized for its elegance reveals very smoothly, full of warmth, but also with this rigor calm that this perfume knows how to convey.

There are variations for you my ladies, with a very assertive character. Whatever your personality, romantic, sophisticated, serious, there is a woodland that suits you; woody-floral fragrances for the blue flower people, aquatic woodlands or fruity for the more adventurous.

But if you're an eternal romantic, The Calvin Klein fresh fragrances Are those intended for you. They bring that final, delicate and light to your outfit. You feel more in tune with yourself. This perfume reveals your romantic and very refined personality. A multitude of notes flowery, a single particular note, a complex assemblage of scents, spicy, that involve the very emanations of your heart.

Are you a mixture of said and unspoken in your daily life, perfume Contradiction Calvin Klein will be your most loyal friend. Fresh, warm and sensual, bringing out with force this shy seduction that is in You.

In the same movement, a fragrance that reveals your contrasts in a simple and natural way, Perfume floral CK Be by Calvin Klein. It strengthens your dynamism and strength of character. Soft and velvety, he knows how to be warm. His notes muskened like most of the scents of The Calvin Klein brand perfectly play your intrinsic duality, leaving a vibrant and fluffy heat on your skin. The Calvin Klein brand knows how to reveal your true nature. 

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