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Chypre fragrances: bewitching and mysterious fragrances

More than just a scent, the chypre perfume is a real asset of seduction. It reflects your personality, emphasizes your femininity and accentuates your sensuality. It's your personal signature, the one that makes you unique and the accessory (even if it's invisible) that finalizes your outfit. A few pschtts are enough to intoxicate more than one.

Chypre perfumes

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The origins of chypre perfume

The chypre perfume was called as the Greek island "Cyprus" which, according to mythology, is the birthplace of the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. Originally, people used iris-scented chypre powder and oak moss for hair. It wasn't until the 20thE century that the chypre perfume began to be commercialized. The composition of the time consisted of bergamot, patchouli, ciste labdanum and oak moss. The chypre perfume quickly became mythical because of its intensity, elegance and provocativeness.


Fragrances full of characters

The composition of the chypre perfumes has changed and evolved over time. The initial notes are taken up but new, more flavoured scents are added. Today chypre fragrance chords come in forever : woody, fruity, floral, fresh, cook... Despite this diversity, chypre fragrances have something in common. The scents are particularly aromatic or even slightly animal. They recall the smell of forest, undergrowth, nature and autumn.


Chypre perfumes, for whom?

Powerful, bewitching and mysterious, chypre fragrances are perfect for those with a strong character. If you prefer discretion and gentleness, don't hesitate to choose a chypre with soft notes such as violet, vanilla or rose combined with attractive scents, including musk or sandalwood.

The online store, MyCospara, offers a variety of chypre perfumes for men and women at attractive prices. Let yourself be tempted by the SHUHRAH for women by RASASI. You will be captivated by its slices of lemon, sage, iris, jasmine, thrush, patchouli, grey amber, oud and musk. AL HARAMAIN's URBANIST EDP FEMME, on the other hand, is made for those who like fruity notes. Its apple, orange, pineapple and lemon compositions combined with iris and jasmine emphasize femininity and sensuality.

For you, gentlemen, there are l’AVENTURE  for MEN BY Al HARAMAINThis chypre fragrance seduces for its woody and fruity notes bergamot, elemi, lemon, thrush and jasmine.


A very personal signature, perfume is a product with a very evocative power. It's a second skin that's part of your essence. It is important to choose it carefully and carefully. Whether it's for special occasions, an intimate appointment or for everyday life, chypre perfumes are a sure bet. It's also a much appreciated gift. So don't hesitate to offer it or just get it for fun.

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