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Bakhour Incense

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Bakhour Incense

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Incense - Bakhour

Mycospara is an online shop that sells various forms of oriental perfume directly imported from Dubai.


So there are different product categories in which you can find perfumes or oriental perfume oils.


Here we are talking about bakhour incense, i.e. incense whose content comes from Eastern countries.


There are different variations depending on the type incense and depending on the type of perfume you want.


To help you make a decision about choosing your Bakhour, let's go back a bit on the general information regarding incense.



What is incense?


For starters, incense comes in different forms, which you can choose according to your desires and your vision of the practicality that theincense question in question.


The reason why there are different forms ofincense, this is because there are several ways of growing.


In fact, all bokhour are not made up of the same materials and that is what makes them original.


There are, therefore, incense in:


     resin (in the form of grains of or powder),

     Dhoops (the purest version of incense presented in stick),

     chopsticks (the shape that is often the best known),


     scented paper.


All these forms incense are made up of plant materials that can be:



     aromatic plants,



There are certain materials that are known to be regularly used for the making of these incense.


So you can find them easily. 



How do I use bakhour?


Then, to find out how you can use your incense, it all depends on the type of incense you've chosen.


One thing that is common to all these forms of incense is the fact that you have to burn them to release their smell.


For this, there are two possible types of combustion. The first is direct combustion and it involves setting fire directly to theincense.


If this combustion works it's because your bokhour is mixed with a flammable base that makes, once the flame has gone out, run the ember until there is nothing left of the incense.


The second is indirect combustion and it involves adding an external heat source.


For example coal and, if this heat source is necessary it is because your incense does not contain a flammable base that will allow it to burn itself.



Why use incense?


Then, once you know what incense is and how you can use it, it is helpful to give you information about the usefulness of incense.


The first reason why theincense is used, and this is the most common reason, is for its ability to create a very special atmosphere.


Of course, the atmosphere in question is based on the choice of perfume you made.


Also, if you have chosen a dynamic fragrance, a sweet fragrance, a fruity fragrance... incense has the power to impact your feelings in the place in which you breathe the perfume.


Incense can soothe you, if you need to create a rather calm and gentle atmosphere, you can choose a sweet perfume.


On the other hand, if you need to be boosted, you can choose rather dynamic fragrances.



Mycospara and Bakhour incense


The Mycospara online store offers a wide variety bakhour incense. The name of the bakhour is an Arabic name for incense.


All of these bakhour are sold in absolutely beautiful packaging with colors and patterns reminiscent of Oriental culture.


There are different types of incense but also, and above all, a lot of perfumes that are unique.


Each incense is made of a blend that offers a special atmosphere that meets all the expectations you may have.  





the bokhour is therefore a mixture of different plant materials, offered in different forms to match your desires.


The type ofincense determines how you should use it: direct combustion or indirect combustion.


In any case, theincense can create an atmosphere in your home or workplace.

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