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The Bouquets flowers, perfumes are among the most popular gifts for Women. Flowers are the most widely used main ingredient perfumery. Whether perfumes come in a single fragrance or scent of a whole floral bouquetThey are still loved as much. The family of floral fragrances is very broad, they reveal each other under a particular scent. Just like each other person, each perfume has its own aroma, its emotions...

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Who is the floral fragrance for?

This family of perfumes stands out for its its natural side and its freshness. Very fragrant, he immediately seduces the person who feels it. The one who wears it, will leave in its wake a delicate scent flowery, pleasant and mesmerizing freshness.

These fragrances are therefore ideal for all those who want to a perfume natural, light and flowery. Particularly feminine, the flowers also in a bottle of perfumes dedicated to men. Here floral fragrances have more pronounced or musky aromas all in all always so light.

Our selection of floral fragrances

Discover our selection of floral fragrances to choose the one you fits best.


 Jean Paul Gaultier calls him the friend of the night. This fragrance praises in him alone all freedom. It leaves in its wake an intoxicating and which recalls the festive spirit found on the streets of Paris, once After dark.

Its glass bottle tinged with a burgundy just as intense, seems to have been flashed by the neon light of the streets Paris.

Scandal by night will surprise with its intensity all the people who will find themselves in your furrow.


The One is a summary of all the charm, elegance and sophistication of Dolce-Gabbana. The man behind This brand likes to take care of it and be noticed wherever it goes. The bottle of this floral fragrance, illustrates very well the luxury of the contemporary era. Its finish and logo silver, its clean geometric lines, the rectangular hood, while This bottle recalls a bespoke suit that characterizes a man's elegance.

This eternal classic dedicated to men affirms all the self-confidence of the wearer. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were able to condense all the traits of their personality into a bottle.

At the same time sensual and elegant, this perfume with spicy and oriental notes reveal themselves under a masculine background of tobacco and slightly woody scents. For a fine sense of smell, notes of grapefruit, coriander and basil are also Perceived. The touches of cedar wood, grey amber, tobacco and wood cedar affirm its masculinity and authenticity.


This Perfume Floral SHUHRAH it alone brings together notes of rose, lemon, sage, bergamot, patchouli, grey amber. Slightly musky, it leaves a elegant scent captivating those who find themselves in its wake. Jasmine, iris and thrush give it all its femininity and lightness.

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