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A fruity fragrance for more sweetness and sensuality

The fruity fragrance is one of the fragrances most appreciated by women.  Symbol of femininity par excellence, it evokes sweetness, gluttony, carefreeness and sensuality. The agreements are available to suit each person's personality, tastes and desires.

Fruity fragrances

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What do you recognize as a perfect fruity?

As the name suggests, fruity fragrances stand out for the scent of well pronounced fruit in the top note. A few pscchits are enough to immediately smell the scent of cherry, blueberry, pear, orange, pomegranate, etc. These fragrances are soft and light while being toned, lively and powerful. The first fruity fragrance was born in 1919 (Mitsouko de Guerlain) but it was only in the 80s that these fragrances became a must- Today, the variation of chords varies in a thousand and one ways. Nevertheless, the sweet, sweet and captivating note fruity fragrances is always there.


How to choose its fruity fragrance?

Choosing a perfume is a delicate task that should not be done lightly. Considered a very personal signature, your fragrance should reflect your personality, emphasize your style and finalize your look.

Find out more about the online store MyCospara a variety of fruity fragrances at low prices.


·       For those who love adventure, nature, sport, outdoor walks...

Hesperids are for you. You'd like their sparkling, hard-hitting citrus notes that recall freedom, adventure and mystery. Let yourself be tempted by the LOLITALAND - LEMPICKA LOLITA.


·       For those who are sweet, tender and romantic

Sensual fruity fragrances, sweet and very sweet are made for you. The fusion of orange, adehydated and tuberous notes give a special, intense and glamorous scent. Choose Al HARAMAIN'S OPPOSITE FOR WOMAN.


·       For those who are optimistic and spontaneous

The fruity fragrances with notes of red fruit are perfect for expressing joie de vivre. They symbolize carelessness, spontaneity, gluttony, love... Assert your femininity while displaying a glamorous image with RASASI women's HAWAS.


·       For those with a strong character

In case you want to find a bold, mysterious, sexy fragrance that can accentuate your assertive character, feel free to choose fragrances with fruity notes associated with spicy notes or Cyprus. You will be surprised by the particular scent from the merger of these agreements.


Your perfume, part of your essence

A perfume is more than just a scent. It's a part of your essence, a second skin... Even if it is invisible, perfume remains the accessory of choice that values you, sublimates you and makes you unique, even when you are dressed as Eve.



You have to choose your fragrance carefully. Whether you're romantic, tender, discreet, provocative or extravagant, don't worry! You'll find the fruity fragrance that suits you the most.

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