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The leather family is slightly different from other fragrances. Unlike tonka bean or vetiver, which is nuts usually made from raw materials, leathery fragrances are often ranked in the Cyprus family of perfumes. They are distinguished by their characteristic smell of Leather Tanned.

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 Yet leather has such a distinctive, masculine and luxurious fragrance. The leather fragrance has character, it's so atypical. Matter is a pillar of the world of perfumes that the great perfumers try to imitate, either synthetically or by mixing and combining other notes.


The aim is to reproduce the particular smell of leather. Leather fragrances are often composed of dry notes made from different woods. These include birch, Labdanum cist, cade tree or animal notes. Leathery scents are worn by women and men.


If you have a sharp nose, the leather fragrances are tailored to your taste. They are intended for connoisseurs and perfume lovers. Today, the timeless refinement of leather is generally balanced by other notes.


This is because it itself risks becoming a little too old-fashioned. On the other hand, as a background note, it contributes to particularly rich fragrances, which are better suited to classic evening wear such as Yuqawam Ambergris Showers for Men.


The leather fragrance is a beast of perfume as we testify the perfume Rasasi And Leather Oudh Eau De Parfum Al Haramain. It is sometimes mixed with a refined recipe of rich and precious ingredients to give sensual leather with an abundance of smoked wood. Better suited to the evening than to the day. The simplistic and contemporary appeal of this perfume should not obscure the truth, namely that its structure is actually quite complex.


Mixed with flower top notes lotus, pepper and cloves, a heart of thrush, orchid and green violet and a firm base of Leather, cedar and sandalwood, it recalls the scent of woods in forests. Perfect marriage between nostalgia and modernity, brutality and refinement, it transports you day and night.


It is one of the most provocative and sensual perfumes in the world of perfumery. Leather fragrances are inspired by the heart of the wild western desert, wrapped in tanned cow skin. It is both raw and refined and has an innuendo skin on skin, untied, similar to an animal.


It can be mixed with cardamom, followed by jasmine samba and leather. It dries on a base of patchouli, moss and amber as soft as molasses. Wear it at your own risk and don't underestimate the power of seduction.


Some master perfumers have chosen birch wood, jasmine, adehydes, rose, ylang-ylang, blond tobacco and cystus labdanum to create a heady cocktail with a distinctive and trailing base of smoked dark leather and animal. The geniuses of perfumery have put all their know-how to create a fragrance that is both virile and fresh. Moreover, the added notes give all its uniqueness and originality.

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