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Malik Al Oudh - Al Haramain incense bakhour

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Agar wood, woody fragrance

Oriental incense



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Malik Al Oudh a natural incense from the brand Al Haramain

Stylish enough to be burned for most formal and yet most appropriate opportunities to be fumigated and appreciated for your daily life. MALIK AL OUDH incense of Al Haramain is at your service - whether it's to perfume your car, your home and your wardrobe, or to achieve a state of calm and meditation through their psychoactive effect.

The Bakhour is the Arabic name given to fragrant bricks or a mixture of ingredients mainly AL OUDH wood chips soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients (Resin, musk, grey amber, sandalwood, flower oils and others) . These scented chips/bricks are burned in coal burners to perfume the house and clothes with a smoke rich in perfume. This is used specifically for special occasions such as weddings or weddings moments of relaxation of love opportunities or usually just to perfume the home or store, and to boost positive energy. It is tradition in many Arab countries to spend the Bakhour among the guests of Majlis as a gesture of hospitality.


MALIK AL OUDH incense bakhou rest burned in a traditional incense burner (also known as Mabkhara) using charcoal or charcoal discs and briquettes Made.




It takes a bold and resolute man to take a trip through the woods and emerge as strong and powerful as it was at the beginning. Whatever the difficulty of the day, face it emboldened by the power of MALIK AL OUDH by AL HARAMAIN, from top to bottom, accompanied by softer and softer elements sweet spicy, floral and warm oriental notes. Lead your world with such a strong oriental incense than the virtues you hold.

Legend has it that incense has the power to drive out evil spirits and lift the soul. Even today, it remains synonymous with strength and purity. Malik Al Oudh is a suave and woody incense if appreciated it provides a deep feeling comfortable and full. With a character that is both sensual and Powerful.


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