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Since the mastery of science by theme, it has become common to see men and women exude a truly irresistible fragrance. Created from many chemical formulas and technical associations, perfumes are scents that offer the person who is covered with them an attractive and pleasant smell. However, there are very many varieties of perfume or scent that populate the perfumeries. The musky perfumes by definition are real concentrate that allows you to discover a different type of scent.

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What's a musky scent?

Still called musky note, it is a scent that is well known most by perfumes and even those of the modern world. Synthesized in the 70s, musk perfume is recognizable by its main qualities. A sweet, round and especially warm smell. To go deeper, we realize that the word musk is from the dull musk.

The latter was a raw material from animals that is part of the chemical composition of many perfumes from the outset. This musk still named natural musk is obtained from the extraction of the abdominal glands of the Asian musk deer, but also from many other animals and plants such as muskrats, civettes and many others.

However, with time and the animal protection law, it became possible to obtain them thanks to the synthesis of certain chemical elements. That's why you can sometimes call it white musk.


Perfume for men or women

If you are a fan of perfumes, you probably know that there are perfumes designed only for men and others only for women. Well if you didn't know it now it's done. However, there is a category that combines the two groups and even creates a third in some cases. This is the case cheap musky perfumes. Whether you're a man or a woman, you can now order your perfume to seduce everyone around you.


Examples of musk perfume

The musky note with these features has been used for decades in the field of perfumery. This one brings to the fragrance round, warm and above all very sweet scents, which softens the mores. There are many perfumes here and around the world. Why not find out:


PURE MUSK de lattafa

DEHN AL OUDH MALAKI by swiss arabian

WOODY for rassai woman


As always, with us, the delivery is free and takes place after your order. In addition, each product is sold at a low price which makes it easier to buy. Perfumes with mixed taste for some that will allow you to trigger a real effervescence around you every time you pass. In accordance with the laws and conventions, our synthetic musky fragrances are the ones that occupy the most space in the manufacture of our fragrances today.

Satisfaction being at the center of everything, we offer you many experts who will accompany you online to help you choose musky perfume that will work best with you.

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