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Perfume or Musk oils: its advantages

We all like to smell good and that's enough annoying when the smell you wear fades after only a short Time. But that's not necessarily the case. There are many reasons why which perfume oils Yes Musk Have a sense, in addition to their sweet scent


Musk: A non-alcoholic fragrance that lasts longer

Most spray perfumes contain alcohol, which prevents many people from Choose. But perfume oils do not contain alcohol and have a softer scent, which facilitates inspiration. On the other hand, they keep their smell longer. As the skin absorbs naturally The Oils, the smell is trapped in the pores, prolonging so the perfume. Spray perfumes fade faster, because once vaporized on the skin, the alcohol immediately begins to evaporate.


Affordable and accessible musk

Although you can spend the same sum for a small bottle of Musks pure that for a spray perfume, theperfume oil Hard for longer, because it takes a small amount to get the same result. A single hazelnut of Musk Scented behind the ear or on the wrist lasts all day. In addition, Oils perfume can be purchased wherever spray perfumes can be purchased. The Musks can be purchased in stores or online stores, although the downside of this the last is not being able to sample the odour before purchase.


Musk - Perfume oil

Made in Dubai, Musk And Oils perfume are developed by companies and brands Orient, mastering the mix of Musk By typical scents of their region and the world of perfumery. Authentic, our Musk or perfume oils will envelop you not only irresistible and unique scents, but will also make you Travel.

No doubt you had the opportunity at the during your visit to the site to discover exclusive perfumes varied, but it's in the perfume oils that you'll be the more surprised and seduced. Whether it's Musk AL brand HARAMAIN or RASASI, a variety of carefully selected oriental brands to give you the choice and the pleasure to discover them.

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