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Perfume is the beauty ally of all those who want to have a unique scent. Notes perfume are important for fixing fragrances, but when these notes perfumes are among the main components of your perfume, we are talking about manly fragrance, woody fragrance. There are many multiple types of woody fragrances and you have to distinguish them in order to choose the one that best fits your personality. You're going to be ask what a woody fragrance is? Find out all the steps to learn all about woody fragrance.

Woody fragrances

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What's the woody scent?

Appeared perfumery in the 1940s, the woody fragrance is a note of perfume composed from the essences wood. Nowadays, beyond finding woody scent notes in all perfumes in which the woody is used as a background note for structure the fragrance of some perfume. The woodland is used as the base of the perfume and enhancement is essential in the olfactory whole as is the cases in the Perfume BOSS THE SCENT PRIVATE AGREEMENT FOR MEN.

In these woody fragrances, wood is the most important central point of the fragrance, which gives it a strong and powerful character. The wood is the main material of woody fragrances that allows to confer on those who carry it a single insurance.

Woody fragrance: characteristics and types

The woody fragrances as characteristics Have notes of plant fragrances, powerful and warm. The broad spectrum aromas of these fragrances is created based on the combination of several smells Wooded.

The woody fragrance in terms of composition will have warm notes and dry notes such as:

·        The Oak;

·        Sepia;

·        Cedar;

·        The Santal;

·        The Patchouli;

·        The Vetivier; Etc.

These perfumes, like LA YUQAWAM FOR WOMEN BY RASASI Are considered elegant, luxurious, mysterious, sensual. Although these species difficult to work with by perfumers, they provide these last an amazing sweetness. Other woods, such as synthetic woods can complement and give a unique result.

The woody fragrance: for whom?

The woody fragrance was designed in perfumery primarily for the destination men or men. In fact, their power, structure and their dry appearance provide them with a unique elegance. These perfumes, As Amber oud MIXTE by Al Haramain Can have variations that will provide them with a little romantic, fruity touch while maintaining its strong wood character as it is a men's perfume.

However some of these woody notes can also be used in feminine fragrances to offer them a more assertive character. The woody fragrance allows men to smell fresh and summery. So, whether it's for sportsmen, chic men, discreet or otherwise, the woody fragrance helps to ensure a sensuality, a tone and characteristic freshness.

As you will have understood, there are several types of woody fragrances and you have to make sure you choose the one that suits you. So choose your woody scent thanks to all this information and you'll be sure to find the one that's right for you.

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