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Generally, a perfume is described in olfactory notes. The perfumes are classified in one of the 7 olfactory families before being declined as a subfamily or facet. The Fern fragrances revolutionized the world of scents. It should be known to you that this fragrance does not have a smell similar to the fern plant.

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Perfume fern: what it's all about

The Fern fragrances are predominantly male. They refer to the set of perfumes that are built around the same pattern. These include a lavender head, a geranium floral heart, an oak moss and a coumarin background.

Taken over by many perfumers, the fern family is used for hygiene products, namely soap and shaving foam. It's a perfect match, Fern fragrances are worn by many well-known public men since its inception.

It is possible to associate Fern other fragrances or other olfactory families. It can be worked in different ways. The aromatic fern is created from natural products mainly from the Mediterranean basin. The aromatic note is composed of basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, anise or sagebrush.

Aromas bring to the scent of spicier notes. Aside from the aromatic fern, we also note the fruity, amber, flowery and sweet amber fern. Fern fragrances are known for their vitality and freshness.

The brilliant idea is to use coumarin, with its main smell and sweet scent of harvested hay. In the sixties, the male perfume developed. The fern fragrance, reacting with words such as freshness, shine and tone echo either citrus notes or woody notes.

The fern fragrance offers a floral and amber note from the runaway. Freshness has become the key to male minds. Lavender is still present, but mixed with other notes. Thus other perfumes have appeared as Fluel For Life Diesel Toilet Water for Men known for its atypical and sexy side.

We recognize Al Wisam Day Perfume for Rasasi Men whose top notes are Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium. Added to this are the heart notes including sandalwood and cedar, as well as Rose and Sage. The bottom notes are composed of Musk, Oak Moss and Ouds.

The fern perfume is a powerful synthetic note to stimulate the fugitive note. We recognize the fragrances without oak moss, but with a forest and warmer amber notes. This is how the background note evolves over time, changing certain ingredients to modernize the olfactory aspect.

The notes evolve according to the mixtures to create a masculine and sensual background. You can play on the fresh notes to bring a bold and intriguing touch. The world of perfumery is constantly evolving, new fragrances are on the shelves of all the major brands. The fragrances are mixed with different accents.  Fern fragrances reveal a true character. Ideal for confident and seductive men. In short, it is a sophisticated and very masculine fragrance.

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