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Perfumes for men

Mycospara offers Western fragrances for men of all the classic brands that have enjoyed a real reputation all over the world. From the Givenchy brand to Paco Rabane via Diesel, Lolita-Lempica, Dior and Jean Paul Gautier, we have the classics and new products for each brand. Explore the meanderings of exquisite woody, floral and aquatic scents that transport you to the delusions

Dior's Eau Sauvage 

Wild Water is the real first Dior's men's perfume. Previously in the 1960s, men were essentially perfumed with fresh cologne. It is known for its virile freshness which gives it a timeless appearance. It is above all a fragrance that makes the aromatic notes dance, which lets the floral and woody fragrances collide.

Hermes Terres 

Terres d'Hermès transports us to adventure with exquisite and exotic sensations for the happiness of discoveries. It presents itself as a hesperid and pungent fragrance in the burning lands of grace. Between the flowery hedion sky and the green notes of geranium, the result is simply breathtaking.

Chanel Bleu 

Between contrasts, audacity and freedom, Chanel's Bleu presents itself as an unexpected guest of the stage. It reflects the mystery in a woody style containing a dose of charm and seduction that spares no one. It creates a circle of seduction that leaves you in your impenetrable bubble with an unbearable mystery and a growing desire. Ideal for free, nonconformist men, who chart their own paths and have a singular vision of life.

Allure de Chanel

Ideal for sportsman, manly and multifaceted, this marvel of chanel house and the toy of top sportsmen. It is also prized by amateurs, lovers of sport or the male taste simply. Released in 2018, it spreads the scents of tangerine and orange in a blend of chic, elegance and vigor. The neroli flower brings its light and sweetness to exhale the unlimited sensuality it provides in a woody harmony.

Gautier's Le Mâle 

Between the greedy sensuality and the freshness of the barber, Gautier's Male sneaks like the terrible child or the dominant male of the pack. He is the revolutionary, the one who allows himself to explore and discover other scents and other unexplored flavors. The combination of sweets of lavender, bergamot and mint, the Male of Gautier stands by a brute force simply natural.

YSL La Nuit de l’Homme 

The brand is known for its legendary charm and the luxury pretensions it assumes without complacency. The night of man comes to preserve the contrasts inherited from Man. Between the notes of bergamot and lavender, the night of the anthem stands out for its Freshness and its Tastes which give a contrasting, surprising and pleasant result at the same time.

Hermes Eau d’Orange Vert 

It is the representation of the beauty of fresh citrus fruits well known for their ability to provide a sense of well-being and Freshness. With Eau d'Orange Vert, we end up with a combination that is both surprising and exquisite.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Hudo Boss inspires masculine perfection with the legendary elegance of the Hugo Boss brand. Released in 2018, it is a representation of the charismatic man, who has confidence in himself, that inspires assurance and security.

Guerlain's L’Homme Idéal 

Asking a philosophical and existential question, the Ideal Man wants to be a men's perfume walls and thoughtful, those who assume themselves and are seen as the elect of this planet. Between myth and reality, idealism and pragmatism, this fragrance is distinguished by its unsettling, coppery and woody scents.

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