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Western perfume for women

Mycospara has a plethora of women's perfumes belonging to Western brands. Each product exudes its own personality that transports you into its world.

Pure Poison by Dior

Pure Poison by the Dior brand is a perfume of choice for women who have tastes of luxury And well-being. It sheds light with its beauty on the mysteries of women. It reminds us of this sublime orange blossom of the 80s that rocked the whole history of perfumery. It represents, the sun, the light of the scent of orange tree that gives it a soothing floral feel.

Aromatics Pure XS for Her by Paco Rabane

Like all perfumes produced by Paco Rabane, Armotics Pure XS for Her stands out for its originality. Women love it because it allows them to be unique, special. It is thus the product of the ultra-offbeat female fantasy in disproportionate universes.  It gives the woman this mysterious and captivating air, especially to the seducers of all times.

Miss Dior

The beautiful Miss Dior is confined between shadow and light, in a contrast as surprising as it is pleasant. It is the materialization of unexpected encounters, coherent contradictions, an unexpected sensuality. From the moment the brand entered dance in the 1940s, Miss Dior wanted to stay modern and trendy, a bet that she has been able to win and keep to the present day.

Black Opium by Yves St Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is distinguished by the mystery it provides to young women and a certain dependence at the same time pleasant, intoxicating and sensual. It is a new representation of modern addiction, a woody scent that takes us to the heights of desire.

The flagrance Aura Mugler

In 2017, Aura Mugler offers us this marvel of an incredible mystery, of a exquisite floral scent. You won't love it with its design and realism. Green in colour, in the shape of a leaf, it is the perfect representation of vegetable gluttony. It is a fragrance at the crossroads of floral femininity, vegetable sensuality and the depth of bourbon vanilla.

Lady Million Empire by Paco Rabane

Following the sumptuous One Million for gentlemen, Paco Rabane decides to do a favor to women with Lady Miliion. It's a perfume at the height of exotic sensation for women, a new breath of intoxication. Its structure revisits the classics of ranges such as the Fleur d'Orangerand Patchouli. It is ideal for daring women who let their sensations blossom, who let themselves go on an adventure and embody a sexy aspect, to the limit insolent. With his iconic diamond, he sees life in pink.

Scandal de Jean Paul Gautier

The Scandal perfume He's Jean Paul Gautier's new favourite with exquisite elegance.  Its stunning bottle shows Gautier's unlimited creativity away from the classic rules of fashion. Scandal is the typical representation of nonconformism, the unpublished, the bold and the self-confident. It is a honeyed and chypre gluttony that transports you to the forbidden corners of sensuality and strong sensation. He makes fun of clichés without falling into anarchy, a real need to explore something else. You may not mind the adventure.

The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss

It's a toilet water that allows the woman to reveal several other facets previously buried or killed. A floral fragrance that brightens your life, awakens your senses and makes you visible wherever you are.  The bottle is shaped like a transparent glass diamond that does not go unnoticed. It gives a glimpse of the scent that shows a spirit of luxury. It is the perfect seducer that allows no one to escape its charm

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