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Rasasi: a modern strory success

Rasasi has developed a brand of luxury perfumes and has quickly established itself as a pioneer of perfumery. Around the world, the Rasasi brand is spreading in the world of beauty, it is experiencing a permanent triumph. The Rasasi family business, originally from Dubai, created in 1979 by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar, a talented man with innovative ideas. For decades, the house reigns on the perfume market, every year new species. Rasasi has an iconic status, the elegance of perfumes that the brand offers, but also thanks to the success obtained, personalities from the royal rank. In addition, the brand has specialized in scented oils for the body and in the range of incense with delicate oriental scents. Rasasi received a point of honor on the quality of its products, the finesse of its fragrances. It is in a way that Rasasi creates his perfumes:

Rasasi: the power of perfume

Rasasi has as a concept: "Make your presence felt". Because, the group wants before every woman has a Rasasi fragrance feels unique; an entire collection is also dedicated to men. The woody, musky and flowery notes of Rasasi perfumes actually enhance the charisma of the wearer. The Blue Lady box, for example, includes a eau de parfum and a deodorant. Many notes intertwine (ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood among others) to create a harmony, which will appeal to the women required in terms of perfume. Plus, the sleek design by Rasasi adds elegance to this easy-to-carry product in its bag. Men are not left behind. Blue Lady exists in men's version under the name of Blue for Men. Thus, the perfumes are released in several series, all in the image of the house: mystic and mesmerizing. Rasasi, a multi-year experience and unparalleled craftsmanship, this, serving as soon as his customers like to wear a fragrance that look and are in light.

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