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The Vanilla is often used to describe something simple or bland. Yet this fragrance is one of the most sensual that exists. Everyone who has worn it knows that this is the truth. It was often added to chocolate and turned into a love potion by many indigenous tribes of Mexico and South America.

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Nowadays, this fragrance is usually mixed with other exotic fruits, flowers and spices to create fragrances that are both sensual and warm. The vanilla fragrances certainly give all who wear it an aura of sensuality and magic. They will create an irresistible aura that anyone is trapped in its mystery and power.


Vanilla is the fruit of a few tropical orchids, soaked in the sun. Used in many perfumes, it is one of the most expensive agricultural products in the world. Vanilla is widespread in women's and men's perfumeries. It has the gift of giving a sweet, sweet, sweet and warm scent. Besides, there is something for all tastes and styles.


With this in mind, why not try the vanilla fragrance available at the moment. Amber Oud Gold Edition by Al Haramain is a mixed perfume water. This vanilla oriental perfume has notes of Bergamot heads and  green notes. The heart notes are melon, pineapple, amber and sweet notes. And the base notes are vanilla, musk and woody notes.


Vanilla can be combined with  apple, musk and jasmine. Its fragrance stays on the skin for a while.  This is a fairly sophisticated fragrance at a reasonable price. This makes it an incredible boon for anyone who loves combination of vanilla and jasmine. Having an enchanting fragrance will attract everyone's attention when worn in public. Vanilla is both sweet and delicious. Thanks to all its assets, it will offer its exotic beauty to many perfumes.


It's a subtle fragrance that can be worn everywhere, from work to a night in the city. Some smells seem to get married so well. Lemon seems to go well with vanilla, as does sandalwood with cedar. Rose and vanilla are well combined fragrances, this combination is often found in some perfumes. It's a fragrance that every woman should try at least once.


This oriental fragrance is a combination of playful and seductive notes that go so well. Vanilla combines well with sandalwoodmusk and cedar wood. It fits so well with other scents.  Indeed, some fragrances contain not only hints of vanilla, but also various other notes that enhance and complement the smell of vanilla.


Patchouli, heliotrope and freesia are among the other notes that are usually associated. Vanilla fragrance has a moderate slimming effect, but stays on the skin for a long time. Vanilla remains a popular fragrance for everyone.

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