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Western perfume

Mycospara offers perfumes of all categories with best Western brands for men and women. We have the classics and new products of each brand (Paco Rabane, Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gautier, etc.). Here is a non-exhaustive presentation.

Men's category

You'd think that Lolita Lempicka only makes perfumes for women. However, the range of perfume for men is also intoxicating. The men's versions of Lolita-Lempicka perfumes combine romanticism and originality. These are fragrances that evoke strength and virility both in the scent and in the bottle. The latter takes a tree shape and a woody and/or floral taste to evoke this rigor in a duality of tenderness and sensitivity. The very fresh scents of Lolita-Lempicka's men's fragrances emanate mainly from bergamot and badiane, and which allow it to make woody fragrances and fresh fragrances.


Diesel is a bold and rebellious brand at heart. She defies the forbidden and gives an alternative. It displays the assurance and originality which makes it the favorite brand of men. This explains why every time a new range of perfumes appears, the clientele is seduced and disarmed. Fresh fragrances, floral fragrances, are all choices that make the particularity of his creations. Mycospara has a wide range of choices on Diesel brand fragrances.


We have the latest ranges including Sprit of the Brave, Only the Brave Fuel for Life for Him. We have all the Western brands. Explore the extraordinary scents of the Paco rabane brand with the legendary box set 1million, Invictus, or pure XS deospary. Jean Paul Gautier's cabinets bust-shaped, which does not go unnoticed, refers to seduction, class, virility and sportsmanship. We can't notice The Male Aviator, The Male in the Navy, or The Beautiful.

Women's category

Lolita-Lempicka's creations are always surprising innovations. It explores original and suave scents for women which give us today a dozen variety on the market. It is undoubtedly this rarity that has earned her the attachment of women all over the world. Discover our full range of lolita-lempica women's fragrance and make your choice. We notice his famous Sweet, barricaded in an apple-shaped bottle, a real forbidden fruit. This fragrance, which is always at the top of the pyramid, refers to mystery, sensuality and originality. It incites transgression and refers to a certain sensual innocence that makes it the darling of all women.


The red-lagged apple bottle refers to a burning passion that ignites everything in its path like a huge bushfire. The lolita-Lempicka women's fragrance range is world-renowned. It offers the child the flavor and the woman the flower. So we have floral, aquatic, woody, among other perfumes. This femininity to which Lolita-Lempicka refers in her creations, exudes all its facets in terms of strength, sensuality, fragility and fantasy. The sweet scent makes it a wonderful representation and gives a mad desire to explore the meanderings of its scents.

Mycospara also offers designer fragrances for women Diesel such as the famous Loverdose, the LoverdoseTattoo, the CofretLoverdose, Fuel for Life for Elle. Explore Hugo Boss's bestseller with The Scent for Her, Hugo Iced or Just Different. We can't forget Jean Paul Gautier's sensual Pin'Up Classic, La Belle or Scandal

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