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Perfumes for Women

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Oriental perfume for women


Oriental fragrances for quality women at irresistible prices

Your online perfume shop, Mycospara offers many ranges of Oriental fragrances for women. Discover all the flavours of oriental essences. Perfumes intimately selected by professionals whose sole goal is to add a little extra to the elegant women you already are.


The essences of the Orient close to you

Mycospara brings you closer to the essences of the Orient. Specially imported from Dubai, Oriental perfumes woman put up for sale on the online shop correspond very well to all types of women. Seductive or personalities, star, vip and many others, you will find your taste on this site.


Some oriental perfume ranges

Many Oriental fragrances for women available on the website. With funds in Santal Wood, Musk or Amber. All of these floral scents of the Orient results are irresistible.

You have the Rasasi range with perfumes like Musk Naqaya, Oudh Ruwah, Musk Sharqi, Sotoor Waaw, or Sotoor Seen. These are excellent fragrances that accompany ladies in all their types of events.

Other perfumes still line the shop: La Yuqawan, Amber oud, Kun Mukhtalifan, Mukhallat Oudh Al Mubakhar, Ajwa, Ambition, Tasmeem, Abyan or Relationship For Women. More than 100 branded products are available on this website. Give yourself an irresistible opportunity to dive into the fragrant world of oriental essences.


Low-cost oriental fragrances for women

Apart from the many discounts still available, Mycospara implements low prices on all its branded products at all times. With Oriental women's fragrances brand whose prices are usually contained between 15 euros and 60 euros, you could say thank you to this shop that brings you closer to the essentials.


Oriental fragrances for women with accomplished design

Perfume is also the exterior design that accompanies its internal flavors. All the known art of Eastern culture is transposed into the making of bottles that contain the various essences. A perfect harmony that makes the product and its packaging one. Bottles of various shapes, some as elaborate as the others. This is also the beauty of Oriental fragrances for women made in Dubai.


Simplified payment terms

Payment terms are very simplified to give you flexibility in your browsing on the shop's website. Select all the products you need and put them in your shopping cart. Once completed, make all your payments using your credit card. The site is reliable and secure.


Beautiful gift ideas for women

Your online shop is also a place to find beautiful gift ideas. For your wife, your mother, your sister or even a simple acquaintance, come and get ideas to satisfy the expectations of your loved ones. Among the products available in the store, you will necessarily find those that will meet your need.


Short delivery times with discounts

For all orders placed on Mycospara, delivery times are guaranteed to you very short. Depending on where you live, you can take up to 48 hours. In addition to these reduced deadlines, the sales site also gives you huge opportunities to get discounts of up to 5% on your purchases. Just like and follow the shop's Facebook page.

You can also subscribe to the shop newsletter with just a few clicks. In this way, you will always be informed of the latest news, Oriental fragrances for women trending according to the season, ongoing product promotions and many other benefits. Need orient scent, a single address, Mycospara your specialized shop. 

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