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Oudh Sheikha - Al Haramain Incense

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Scented Oud cups with Oudh oil.

Notes: Agar wood, Oudh oil, incense.

25 Gr


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Bakhour Oudh Sheikha Incense Al Haramain

The Bakhour Oudh Sheikha is made from Oud cups scented with Oudh oil, agar wood and incense. This incense is to be burned in a censor or on incandescent charcoal.

Closing your eyes won't bring you peace. Peace is inner happiness; and happiness is to be at home again. In the warmth of your home, where memories linger with the perfume and smile with his look. The sweet incense Oudh Sheikha of Al Haramain will embrace your thought and reach a true peace of being at home.

The Bakhour is often associated with its ability to bring calm back into the nervous system, its ability to cultivate concentration and alertness when used and, as some say, the positive effect it gives to its libido system when used regularly. Bakhour is indeed an aromatherapy, is not sex-specific and can be enjoyed by both sexes, although some women prefer a mixed version of Bakhour because of the strong powerful smell of pure Incense Oudh Sheikha. In the Middle-East, men and women burn Bakhoor to perfume their homes and clothes so that the lasting smell permeates the whole garment.


Bakhour is said to connect with the transcendent, stimulating the psyche, the human body and consciousness. Prayers are said to rise with fragrant smoke and bring prayer to the Creator. The angels are attracted by the smell and smoke of Oudh. That's why Muslims like to burn incense and fumigate their homes on Thursday nights, the holiest night of the week.

The use of Oudh oils, oudh shavings and bakhours has been ancient beyond the memorial since the days of Sanskrit, Toral, Evangelical and Muslim scriptures. Bakhour Oudh Sheikha of Al Haramain calms the body and mind, causing a feeling of harmony and vigour. 


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Perfume type
25 Gr
Agar wood, Oudh oil, incense.

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